An analysis of the factors that affect the resistance of a piece of resistance putty

Factors that affect the resistance of a wire the resistance of an object is a measure of the how reluctant current is to flow through that object it is given the symbol r and has the unit w (which is a greek letter omega and pronounced 'ohm') current only. The largest factor affecting the withdrawal resistance of plain-shank nails is the reduction in load that accompanies changes in moisture content of the wood after the nail is driven. Factors that affect zones of inhibition and zone of inhibition analysis (last part) updated on may 24, 2011 ankandhk but resistance may be missed at 37 °c the 1-aug discs of oxacillin and nafcillin or the 5-gg discs of methicillin may be used for this purpose but not the 1-, gg discs of cloxacillin.

Introduction to electric current, resistance, and ohm's law the flicker of numbers on a handheld calculator, nerve impulses carrying signals of vision to the brain, an ultrasound device sending a signal to a. - investigating factors affecting resistance of a wire aim --- investigate what factors affect the resistance of wire, however in this experiment i am going to monitor how the length of a wire affects the resistance of a wire if the current is kept the same. Use appropriate apparatus and methods to measure current and potential difference to work out the resistance aim of the experiment to investigate how changing the length of the wire affects its.

Student investigation use a sample of conducting putty to find out how the resistance of a given volume of the putty depends on: (a) its length (b) its cross-sectional area ohm's law if the ratio of pd to current remains constant for a series of different pds the material is said to obey ohm's law. Resistance and resistivity 3 8 turn down the voltage and current, then remove one of the top nails from the play ¡doh°c and move it 2 cm closer to the other top nail adjust the voltage from the power supply until the current on the multimeter reads 20 ma. Resistance tests were conducted with 10 different 7/apartial veneer crown (no grooves) 94 59 7/spartial veneer crown (grooves) 114 106 castings for each of the five preparation designs. There anything that does affect the resistance of a resistor” as it turns out, the temperature of the resistive device can play a very interesting role in how the resistance behaves. Measurement of air resistance on an air track barbara s andereck department of physics and astronomy, ohio wesleyan university, delaware, ohio 43015 analysis consists of subtracting the ‘‘ideal’’ velocity for a frictionless situation from the measured piece of cardboard if the dependence of the drag coefficient.

Immediately download the electrical resistance summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching electrical resistance. For example, if the temperature at the designated point on a piece of equipment is 30 degrees c, and the megohmmeter reading is 180 megohms, the reading corrected to 20 degrees c (180 times the 158 correction factor) is 284 megohms. The skin contact resistance will usually be between 1000 and 100,000 ω, depending on contact area, moisture, condition of the skin, and other factors the skin thus provides most of the body's protection from electric current.

An analysis of the factors that affect the resistance of a piece of resistance putty

The temperature of the substance also affects the resistance offered by the substance this is because, the heat energy causes more inter-atomic vibration in the metal, and hence electrons get more obstruction during drifting from lower potential end to higher potential end. Shown in fig 101 can for some analysis purposes be how the dimensions of a conductor affect its resistance resistance present in a piece of the material of standard dimensions every material can be defined in this way the resistivity of any material is defined as the resistance of a piece of that. The longer a piece of wire the higher its resistance double the length means double the resistance you can think of a long piece of wire as being like lots of resistors in series but there is also a more formal explanation.

  • The resistance of an object depends on its shape and the material of which it is composed the cylindrical resistor in figure 1 is easy to analyze, and, by so doing, we can gain insight into the resistance of more complicated shapes.
  • Investigating the factors which affect the resistance of a piece of putty resistance of a piece of resistance putty planning: this investigation is designed to look into the resistance of different materials, in this case, resistance putty in the form of wires, and their conducting capabili.
  • Ohm's law and circuits 8 2 conductance, insulators and resistance d factors affecting resistance (1) the nature of the material (2) the thickness of the wire you are to insert a piece of wire between these connectors four nichrome wires are illustrated below you insert each of these wires in turn they.

For example, when the length of the wire is 20cm the resistance is 314 ohms when the length of the wire is 40cm the resistance is 618 ohms, which is roughly double in my main investigation i will see if this observation applies to my results. Aluminum owes its excellent corrosion resistance and its usage as one of the primary metals of commerce to the barrier oxide film that is bonded strongly to its surface and, that if damaged, re-forms immediately in most environments. Conductivity, the factors that influence the reliability of the measurement, and the techniques sections covering the applications, rules for reliable high conductivity the cable resistance only influences measurements with 2 or 3-pole cells for the 4-pole cells the cable resistance has no influ.

an analysis of the factors that affect the resistance of a piece of resistance putty Given the variety of factors that can affect the use and performance of a 3m product, user is solely responsible for evaluating the 3m product and determining whether it is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for user’s method of application.
An analysis of the factors that affect the resistance of a piece of resistance putty
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